Certificate of Appreciation

In addition to hosting community events and creating investigative web specials, 2017 saw the Hon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau award a Certificate of Appreciation to BramptonFocus.ca and Mr. Charbon as the host for their significant media contributions. The Brampton Board of Trade then awarded their Business Excellence Award for Communications and Media to BramptonFocus.ca with Charbon as the host.

While passionately continuing to Anchor the ongoing interactive series “Live Town Hall” broadcast on Facebook Live, Charbon's inquisitive passion to interview interesting people while consistently explore both sides of an pressing social issue continues to grows and engage the viewer base.

In 2018 as important and intriguing guests continue to want be interviewed by Michael A. Charbon to discuss the issues of the day relevant to Canadians, the attention attributed to the series and its audience continues to grows.