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December 30, 2022

Hey Siri, Hey Google,… Alexis?

In a brief departure from American politics, Michael looks at the effects of “virtual Aides” and the fact that they are ALWAYS listening. What is big tech doing with all the data they harvest monitoring your every word, every sound, every day ...?
November 25, 2022

Democrat Narco State

Cartel’s cash $500 Billion US. First 9 months of 2022 CBP seize over 3,821 kilos of fentanyl. Imagine, just 1 kilo can kill half a million people. Democrats’ open borders saw 185,527 illegals invade just in October. Democrat’s have supported the Narco State.
November 1, 2022
Image of Republican elephant squashing Democrat donkey

Disaster Debates for Democrats

Michael focuses on key common points that the disgruntled American voter feels are paramount to change, and inevitably will decide their vote. From Pennsylvanian to New York to Colorado, the same issues resonate. The cavalry is coming America,…. one would hope.
June 29, 2022
Crypt Building with words of My Dead Contacts on it referring to old phone numbers, email addresses, names, etc.

My Dead Contacts

Michael Charbon takes a poignant and profound look at how to deal with those dearly departed contacts. Dead Contacts can pose a moral and overwhelming emotional dilemma. Do we erase them...? do you feel guilt doing that? What about those who never had an email or a cell phone...?
June 24, 2022
Image of an American Duck and a Canadian Beaver on gas tanks - but no gas as they can't afford it

Biden & Trudeau, Political Ducks And Beavers

Biden, destined to be a Lame Duck, as Trudeau’s temporary dam for his tenuous minority government have both neglected run-away gas prices on people with ample reserves. Michael identifies a Republican calvary and a fresh Canadian Federal Conservative leadership hopeful.
June 20, 2022
Statue of Liberty as a crying baby

Democrat Diaper, Filled With Green New Deal

The Democrats disastrous experiment that’s crippling America may come to an end on November 8th. Michael presents a detailed 12-point plan for America to dig itself out of this economic suicide.
May 23, 2022

Word Crutch

Our language is under attack. When American reality television inserts subtitles so viewers can understand English speaking people, we have a problem, and it starts with word crutches.
April 27, 2022

The Woke 8% vs The 92% Awoken

A minority “WOKE’ agenda desires significant societal changes. The house the mouse-built actually considers, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls as not inclusive enough. Does Florida’s bill 1557 signal the awakening of the silent majority?



MP, Hon. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science And Economic Development

MP, Hon. John McKay, Parliamentary Secretary Minister of Defense.


Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne 1 HOUR SPECIAL

MPP, Patrick Brown, Leader Ontario PC

MPP, Andrea Horwath, Leader Provincial NDP 2017

MPP, Andrea Horwath, Leader Provincial NDP 2016

MPP, Mike Schreiner, Leader of Ontario Green Party

MPP, Todd Smith on the Sale of Hydro One

MPP, Jagmeet Singh, Deputy NDP Leader

MPP, Harinder Malhi


Patrick Brown, Leader Ontario PC Party

Andrea Horwath, Leader Provincial NDP

Mike Schreiner, Leader Ontario Green Party

MPP, Hon Michael Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services, Responsible for Anti-Racism. LTH

Linda Jeffery, Mayor Brampton

Trillium Party Jack MacLaren leaves Ontario PC Party

Linda Jeffery, Mayor Brampton July 2017
Linda Jeffery, Mayor Brampton July 2017

Andrea Horwath, Leader Provincial NDP


Linda Jeffrey, Mayor City Of Brampton

Can We Make Brampton Safe for Everyone & Police Chief

GO Announcement

Pat Fortini, Councillor Brampton

Todd Letts - BBOT CEO, Doing Business in Brampton


Steve Paikin, New book on William Davis

Andy Donato, Toronto Sun Cartoonist


2015 Live Federal Election Pre-show and Live Result Coverage (4hours Live)


All Candidates Federal Debate Part (1)

All Candidates Federal Debate Part (2)

All Candidates Federal Debate Part (3)

All Candidates Federal Debate Part (4)


Brampton’s Big Blue House PROMO

Brampton Focus Tune-In PROMO


Brampton Big Blue House 1 HOUR SPECIAL

Jennifer Evans – Peel Region Police Chief: Policing in Peel

Jermaine Carby Shooting

Uber In Peel

Police Checks and Carding in Peel

Equal Voice Women in Politics Peel, Bonnie Crombie
Mayor Mississauga

Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary 60TH Reunion

Funding Peel Memorial; Phil King President Orlando Corp. Over 15 Million

State of the City 2016 Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffery

Brampton Safe City Scandal

The Debate Over Fluoridation Concerned Residents

Law Suit To Stop Artificial Water Fluoridation in Peel

Fluoride In Peel Water: Two Views

STOP the Creek Route

Back To School 2016

A Vision of a New Brampton

Electoral Reforms: Fair Vote Peel