The Charbon Report

May 10, 2021

The Way We Were

Michael A. Charbon reflects on how a post pandemic economy demands old school methods of work,.... for success. Do today’s youth have the skills to win that fight ? Can the financial success of some entrepreneurs be deemed excessive or just too much ?
May 17, 2021

Respect Cops and the Stats

Michael A. Charbon speaks to America’s dangerous trend of disrespecting law enforcement. This corrosive phenomena is threatening, creating an unwillingness in law enforcement to continue to serve and protect. Michael also looks at Government crime stats and population.
May 25, 2021

526 Days on Dem-pty

Michael A. Charbon reflects on how the 2022 midterm elections will have a potential boomerang effect on both the House and the Senate numbers. This as Republicans are gaining momentum due to Democrats border policies and many other issues making for a volatile time leading up to the midterms.
May 31, 2021

Critical Race Theory

Michael A. Charbon, addresses the phenomena of Critical Race Theory, (CRT). Some states and educators are being forced to implement this initiative as many believe it is a necessary “correction” to present day society. Other states and parents vehemently oppose its’ tenets.