Michael A. Charbon

October 1, 2020
Presidential Debate Octagon Fight

Octagon Townhall

Michael reflects on the first Presidential debate. As many observed both candidates were at fault and America was embarrassed. Michael speaks to what he believes will be the real deciding debate the upcoming Townhall. The American voter will look to the candidates to be more Presidential, and exhibit that they both have learned a lesson and in this post lists what the ingredient to success may be.
August 25, 2020

Guilt and Gelt

This week Michael shows how government Guilt in trying to attain equality by artificially injecting Gelt does not work. It has been proven that when governments try to purchase equality it fails. The market will always determine winners and losers. Injecting money or Gelt does not reduce the divide, and does not solve the divide between the Have’s and Have-not's.
August 17, 2020

As Long As Its Not About

Below The 49th addresses how selective posts are censored and hindered from access to mass media. Michael touches on the filtration of media in today’s world of monopolies. Where videos and posts are scrutinized by “Community Guidelines” determined by the media monopolies who apply their guidelines to what you can read, say see and post.
August 7, 2020

Four Waves of Change

Below The 49th this week deals with change. Michael talks about four waves of change he thinks is coming to inner cities. Waves that are influenced by retail desertion, business fights, affirmative intimidation citing BLM demand letters in Louisville and a watch-dog group “We Have Her Back” warning media how to cover “her”: Joe Biden’s VP. We are watching you.