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Below the 49th
January 22, 2018
COVID-19 – Self Isolation – Day 12
March 30, 2020
To That Future Shooter, I appeal to you, what can be accomplish by massacring the innocent?

How does destroying human life and creating unimaginable horror ease the pain within you?
What is accomplished by forever destroying families with indiscriminate cold blooded execution?

To That Future Shooter sadly, it solves nothing for you and truly makes your situation even worse by spreading untold sadness, sorrow and gut wrenching tragedy to so many others. Why? To That Future Shooter how can the conceivable thought of premeditated mass shooting remedy any pain within you? How can unspeakable diabolical actions move society to empathize and listen to your personal agony? You will never ever move to a better place by delivering tragedy through arbitrary murder. You will only increase and magnify the dreadfulness you feel now. To That Future shooter your anger and struggle for possible revenge will not subside by creating years of inconceivable grief and sorrow, because in truth as others in time may forgive by cherishing the good memories of loved one’s past, you will for ever be burdened with suffering, guilt and the ugly horrific realization every day that you are at the core of evil. If your anguish is so overwhelming and depressing that you come to the horrendous personal decision that death is your only solution, do not inflict such an unimaginable verdict on the innocent? If within your existence and mind you come to the tragic and inconceivable decision that murder is a solution, please please pause. It is not a solution or a salvation to your sad pain. In your heart and on everything and anyone you have ever cherished, you know it is wrong, you know it is evil, you know that in the end it will never never absolve yourself of your burdensome pain. Mass murder is the essence of pure evil. To That Future Shooter humanity considers your life and all life valuable and precious. Life can be so hard and people so mean and together be almost unbearable. There is great pain in those who believe they are not worthy and are discarded from society. To feel pushed away, discriminated against, branded as different and looked upon as a strange outcast, bullied, ignored and not included, creates an anger and desperation that simmers and can over time create an evil within. Yes, it is not fair, as life at times is not fair. But please know humanity can help you through your time of darkness and torment. We will walk with you and not judge you. Be beside you, hear and feel your suffering and labour with you to remedy that which anguishes you. There is a better place for you just around the corner. Don’t make us hate you, despise you revile you. Do not brand your families name and your memory to be a remembrance of pure wicked evil, tragedy, disgust, horror and utter hate.

That in not how you want humanity to remember you, or the final message you leave this earth with. As we grieve the tragic loss of 17 innocent lives in Florida, I ask if anyone thinks they could become That Future Shooter……. please lay down your weapons. Bring your anger and problems to our ears, let us help, we will listen. Communicate what you are feeling, we will be there. Please, do not become,…… That Future Shooter.

*I encourage you to forward this note if you feel it merits the read.

Michael A. Charbon is a Canadian based political commentator and Award winning television producer.

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