COVID-19 – Self Isolation – Day 12

Michael A Charbon picture collage of a sad American student suffering from Gun Violence
That Future Shooter
February 18, 2018
Why Below the 49th
April 15, 2020

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A pulse of the United States of America – my neighbour to the south

I begin my journey on below the 49th with my first show in self isolation – day 12, living with a vulnerable family member with a severe compromised immune system.

Most of the world is in mandated self isolation and some form of quarantine. International borders are closed while the world focuses on saving the sick and eliminating the spread of the co-ro-na virus pandemic. Every aspect of life as we knew it has fundamentally changed As humanity feels its existence challenged, and together we witness global humanity in grave peril.

Today society turns to social media, television and cable news for up-to the minute immediate updates.

We absorb and digest frightening statistics counting deaths and infected individuals. Never could we have ever conceived the reality of this statement.

Still many stay glued in horror as the numbers continue to climb every day.

Watch my video (above) for the whole story.