Below The 49th

September 8, 2021

Afghan Snakes and Seeds

After 20 years and Trillions of dollars it was a departure of disappointment. Michael speaks to both the Snakes who took over and the potential Seed that are left to grow as the Afghanistan people deal with the horrors of medieval times.
September 22, 2021

Your Papers Please

Michael speaks to inoculation passports and which states in the country differ from others. The demand for verification of vaccination has created for many not only to challenge the ask, but their rights to decide, and restrictive repercussions. 
October 4, 2021

8-US Code 1227 Strategy

Michael addresses how Federal law may address the wave of illegals streaming over the border. What are the solutions, the implications and repercussions in years to come as America deals with this crisis today and tomorrow?
October 12, 2021

Administration Report Card

It was supposed to be a redirection of course, a building back better perspective. The report card reveals deplorable performance requiring serious corrective measures to avoid failure.....