Below The 49th

October 18, 2021

Face-Hook, An Evasive Species

Michael addresses the fact that social media proves its worth in many ways, but fails when it comes to transparency. It has become a phenomenon with dark aspects of control, and selective exclusion that subscribe to a mysterious metric.
October 29, 2021

Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Michael addresses 4.3 million Americans who quit their jobs, inflation, the shortages, and the many political challenges American’s are feeling. These and other strong opinions,... about his neighbour to the South Below The 49th.
November 18, 2021

Biden’s Crude Slap to Canada

Michael speaks to The Biden administrations dangerous crude oil policies toward Canadians. This insulting manipulation of crude oil is deeply disturbing and dangerous to both countries critical supply.  
November 26, 2021

Still Like Your Vote America?

Michael speaks to plummeting poll numbers for Biden, and what the interim election results told us. So what is the plan moving forward as 2024 could feature new presidential candidates for both parties ?